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glass of spirit
glass of spirit

It all began with an idea. A truly wild idea, to be more precise.

Since 1979 we have devoted ourselves to it, heart and soul, leaving nothing to chance: only the finest, cleanest and ripest fruit makes its way into our still. We add no other substances − no sugar, flavours or colouring − and we still use copper vessels for the traditional double distillation process.

From July to November, our distillery is kept running at full blast because the fresh, fully ripened fruit needs to be processed as quickly as possible to produce a high-quality distillate. Once it has been washed and sorted, the fruit is crushed, before the stems, seeds and pits are removed.

In the next step the crushed fruit is put into big stainless-steel tanks for fermentation at between 17° and 19°C. In one to two weeks the natural fruit sugar will have fermented to produce alcohol. Once this process is complete, the mash is distilled in copper vessels to produce, first, low wines and then fine spirits.

Sweat and tears for the middle cut

When we distil, we do it right!

Double distillation is a tradition that we proudly uphold today. It takes lots of time, is more work, and also requires considerably more energy than simple distillation, but the results make it all worthwhile.

In order to keep producing low wines and fine spirits almost continuously, our distillers spend the summer and autumn months almost entirely at their copper vessels. Separation of the foreshot and faints has to be done slowly and carefully in order to obtain a maximum of the most valuable part, the middle cut.

Clear as glass or barrel brown

When it comes from the still at around 70% alcohol by vol., the middle cut is as clear as glass. If we then age it in glass or stainless-steel carboys, it retains its original clarity.

But if we decide to age it in oak barrels, the distillate takes on a dark-brown colour reminiscent of amber.

In addition to imparting its colour, an oak barrel also gives the distillate fine vanilla, woody and toasted aromas as well as an incomparably supple finish.