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Roséwein Essig von Gölles aus Österreich

If you love your food, spray it!


Our vinegar sprayers have become an essential element in many creative cuisines. They come in a handy size, and the practical spray-top makes it easy to improve the taste of your dishes.


Whether you want to provide your food with an accent you can see or taste, or just prepare a small quantity of salad dressing with a bit of piquancy right at the table, our sprayer is always a useful tool.


And of course our sprayers can be refilled. If you want to use a bottle for a different kind of vinegar, just rinse it out in warm water, and it’s as good as new.


Did you know...?

…, that vinegar has no best-by date and that it keeps indefinitely?

For chefs who frequently need a bit of piquant spiciness, there is now the handy five-litre Bag in a Box. The design is lovely, the spigot is practical, and you need never worry about running out.